Design as an estimation tool

Estimation gets tricky sometimes when you only have requirements. To come up with more accurate estimations we use design to help us. When we get requirements from the customer, we start the design process to come up with Hi-Fidelity designs that helps both the customer and our developers.

The customers give functional feedback that helps the design tune to the requirements. More importantly the developers get a better idea of the amount of work that would need to go in for each of the screens. The QAs get an idea of the number of scenarios that would need to be tested for each of these screen. We start building our product matrix when the screens are ready and then share estimates with our clients.

The screens combined with scenarios and estimates ensure the client is on the same page.

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Using Sketch for UI Design

Sketch is an insanely simple tool to learn when you get into UI Design. But the more you start using it, you discover many features that will make your design work simpler.

  • It has libraries that allow you maintain and share design components and work collaboratively
  • It has symbols that can be reused across your design and selectively modified.
  • There are tons of third party plugins available that can improve your workflow for frequently used tasks.
  • It is vector based you can create your own custom vector arts.
  • It comes with basic prototyping functionality to help you create simple prototypes that can be shared with customers.
  • You can modify sketch files with js code. It allows you to add dynamic content to your designs.
  • It comes with templates for iOS, Web and Android designs so you don’t have to waste time creating standard symbols for these platforms.

Visit Sketchapp and get started now.

Good luck Designing !!

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Design at appZui

Design plays a critical role at appZui. Our Design solution offering is called Ensõ. It is inspired by Japanese Minimalism. An inherent empty design is most adaptable to meet a variety of requirements. When we talk to our customers we understand their users and try to design an interface in such a way that is simple intelligent enough to appeal to all these users.

We try to ensure our design is
1) Intuitive
2) Efficient
3) Minimal
4) Engaging.

To know more visit our Ensõ page

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