Restyling Innovation Models – Panel Discussion

I was part of a panel discussion at the venerable Seshadripuram college on the topic of “Restyling Innovation Models” in a VUCA world.

The panel had some eminent names like:

  • Mr. Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu, Managing Director – India and SAARC Check Point Software Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Dr. Devika P. Madalli, Professor, Documentation Research and Training Centre
  • Dr. Y.S. Lakshmeesha, Chief Coach, Sports Authority of India

Moderated by Dr. Pratima Jagadeesh, Director, Crecers Academy of Management and Education.

It was a great session to share how fast the technology world is changing and how companies like appZUI are innovating to stay relevant. With the panel coming from such diverse backgrounds, it was a treat to listen to some of the insights the eminent panelists had. The kind of opportunities for digitization in security and sports was mind boggling.

Great times ahead!

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Future & Java & Me

I was invited to give a talk on Future & Java & Me to Engineering students in SJCE, Mysore. It was fun and exciting to look at the future for me. How Digital technologies is/will fundamentally redesigning the business landscape is mind boggling.

Key points from the talk:
-Google Deepmind’s AlphaGo/AlphaZero & Sophia the AI Robot are examples of ML/AI coming of age and becoming prime time
-Access to scalable cloud computing power and on-the-go mobile computing has enabled emergence of new age business models
-In this exciting future, Java still rules the roost as a technology to invest in. It is indeed testimony to the design thinking of the Java’s inventors, especially James Gosling
-As a student, who either wants a job or be an innovator, one should focus on developing strong fundamentals such as mathematics, algorithm/data structure, solid hands-on programming, structured & creative problem solving. Above all the one should focus on developing practices to master one’s mind and body

To be part of these kind of game changing solutions is what excited us to create appZui! 3 cheers to the future where digital and real are indistinguishable…Real-Digital!đź‘Ť

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Programming…super easy!

Is it not?

All we have to remember when programming are the following things:

  1. Assignment : a=b+c, x=function (y,z) etc
  2. Conditional: If(a>b), When(x-y < z) etc
  3. Loop: do-while, for etc

All we ever do in any given language is build concept over concept over concept (oh well, abstraction) using the above building blocks.

…and then the super concept called APP!

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Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

We love this simple, yet highly effective introduction to SCRUM.

Do you have any experiences to share about your project processes?

Thank you folks at Crisp. Original credit:

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Sumant Moolgaokar

Every day top executives of Tata Motors used to take lunch together but from some days, Sumant Moolgaokar used to take his car and go out during Lunch Hours and come back as soon as the Lunch Break was over. There was  grapevine that he is offered lunch at a Five Star Hotel by some dealers of Tata. One day when some executives followed him during Lunch Break, they were surprised to see that he stopped his car at one Highway Dhaba, ordered food for him and sat with the drivers of trucks who were eating food at that dhaba. He discussed with them what was good and what was bad in a Tata Truck, jotted down and came back to his office. He used to improve upon the experiences of drivers. Such was Sumant Moolgaokar’s zeal for improving the Tata Vehicles.

Tata Sumo is the biggest corporate tribute paid by any company to it’s executive. Su stands for Sumant and Mo stands for Moolgaokar in this brand name.

Customer engagement starts with a Deep Concern and Empathy for customer’s situation!

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Design at appZui

Design plays a critical role at appZui. Our Design solution offering is called Ensõ. It is inspired by Japanese Minimalism. An inherent empty design is most adaptable to meet a variety of requirements. When we talk to our customers we understand their users and try to design an interface in such a way that is simple intelligent enough to appeal to all these users.

We try to ensure our design is
1) Intuitive
2) Efficient
3) Minimal
4) Engaging.

To know more visit our Ensõ page

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Is Customer Engagement about revenue improvement?

Customer Engagement is about

Value Creation

Not short term revenue goals.

A great engagement will result in improved satisfaction, brand loyalty and thus growth. It opens up new business opportunities.

Do you agree? Do you think otherwise? Share your views here.

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What is Customer Engagement?

Customer Engagement is about 

Shared Experiences 

Your brand

is creating for your customers.

So, what are the strategies your brand is employing to engage them and encourage them to share?

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We love digital possibilities


We have been part of many exciting transformations:

>A state-wide emergency response solution used by thousands of citizens
>A pioneering home quality inspection services, which has created a whole new industry
>An engagement platform to bring your brand and your audience closer

Our solutions accelerate transformation of your idea to digital reality!

>MoYo – Engage better and bring your brand and your audience closer.
>Enso – Design intuitive digital user experiences.
>Tattva – Distill essence from your mountain of data.
>JetSet – Build your custom digital solution in Jet speed.

How can we help your idea to become a reality?

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